Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lemon Glazed Ginger Cookies

Just finished a batch of Lemon Glazed Ginger Cookies.  The recipe is from the McCormick Spice link on Facebook, .  I watched a live demo of these on their site last week and they sounded really good so I decided to give them a try.  I love ginger, not as much as cinnamon, but it's one of my favorites.    This recipe turned out well.  The cookie is very slight harder on the outside without being crunchy and it's very moist and soft on the inside.  I tried the cookie before I glazed it with the lemon glaze and I'd say it's just as good plain as glazed.  The lemon glaze adds that bit of extra sweetness to balance the spice.  I personally will increase the spice a bit next time as I really love spice and to me, it could have used some more.  I realize some folks just like that hint of spice and for you, this recipe is perfect.

I started by gathering all the needed ingredients and had them all measured out.  I find it's east to do this while the butter is getting softened at room temperature.  You'll notice I cut the butter up into chunks.....even after I measured out all the ingredients and cleaned up a bit, it was still not as soft as I wanted it, and cutting it into smaller pieces helps speed this step along.

After the butter was softened enough, I added it along with the sugar and molasses to my mixing bowl.

I mixed until blended and then added the egg and vanilla and when it  was good and blended, I mixed all the dry ingredients into one bowl.

I then took a whisk and blended all these dry ingredients together before adding them to the wet ingredients.  I always do this as I want to make sure the spices are evenly distributed.  Once they everything was blended together, it looked like this:

I then used a small scoop, to make even portions to put on my cookie sheet and lightly flattened them with my hand.  As you can see, my cookie sheets are well used. LOL

When they were baked, I carefully transferred them to a cooling rack.  I made up the lemon glaze but I added more powdered sugar than the recipe stated....I can't tell you how much, but until it looked and felt right to me.  I then put the icing in a ziplock bag and sniped off a tiny corner and drizzled the cooled cookies.

After they were completely dry, I arranged them on a serving tray and ta da, cookies for some folks at work tomorrow.

Hope you enjoyed my little tutorial and that you find it helpful.  I hope that maybe there's someone out there who will benefit from seeing the process step by step.

Happy Baking!


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