Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gingerbread House - Finale

I'm finally done!  WOO HOO!  So just to re-cap, here's what it looked like when we left at Part 4.

From here I kept putting tiny pretzels together, I trim off the bottom of each, to form my fence.  This was a slow process as I'd add one and have to let it dry before I could add another.  Slowly but surely, it came together. I added some poinsettia's to the window sill as well....didn't come out exactly like I wanted, but I think it looks okay.   I also lined the walkway with gumdrops.  Once the fence and gumdrops were glued down with the royal icing, I spread a thin layer of the royal icing and sprinkled the pathway with milk chocolate bar that had been put through the mini-chopper.

The next thing I did was attach a small wreath that I had to do in a couple stages to get the layered effect of the leaves but I think it's cute.  To the roof I added a widow's walk.  It's four pieces of piped royal icing that was tinted black and left to dry over-night.  Then I attached them to the roof.....very pleased with how it turned out.

To make the board just a bit more attractive, I attached a piece of ribbon all along the edge of the display board.

The final touch was to make it look like fresh snow had fallen.  This technique was accomplished by putting powdered sugar in a small sieve and gently shaking it all over the entire project.

So here is the finished house.


 I have dedicated this Gingerbread House in memory of my Gramma Elsie.  Several years ago, my youngest daughter and I did a gingerbread house from a kit as my Gramma watched.  She was fascinated with the whole process and we tried to get her to help but her response was, "No, I'm enjoying just watching you two".  I told her someday I'd make one from scratch and she said she would look forward to seeing that.  Well, my Gramma passed away in March and I never made that house from scratch for her to see, so I was determined  I would not put it off any longer.  I feel we need to do things we really want, while you have the chance to do those things, because you may never get another opportunity.  I felt my Gramma with me as I put this house together and I think she really likes how it turned out.

I hope you all enjoyed this journey along with me.  I learned so much and really enjoyed the entire process!


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