Friday, September 30, 2011

Baby Shower Continued

So Sunday, September 25, 2011 finally arrived and I was ready.  I had so much adrenalin pumping through me, I thought I was 20 again......yeah, after going non-stop for 12 hours, my body remembered, I am definitely not 20 anymore. LOL  The day was stunning, just as I order, and it didn't rain, just as I ordered, and there was a breeze, although kicking up just when I was putting the table decorations, wasn't what I had in mind and it was a bit gusty, but all in all it worked out fine. The temperature was rather warm though.....okay, it was down right hot and before the shower was over, all the goodies were melting but that didn't slow anyone down, they all said they were still wonderful. LOL   The Dessert Table was the last "project" that I worked on and the table looked just as I imagined it would.  I was very pleased with it.  Here is a photo of it.

I made the cake pops, the cupcakes, and the iced decorated cookies....there will be better photos of them later....and added gumballs, sixlets and candy sticks all in the shower color scheme......for my first big party....I think it turned out rather well.  The Mom-to be was so excited, she cried and cried....tears of joy of she is, Vanessa....

I color coordinated the tables as well and at each place setting there was a chocolate covered pretzel rod and a chocolate covered marshmallow on at stick, all color coordinated of are some of those photos...

I made the floral arrangements on each table as well as the diaper centerpieces.  The centerpieces were three cloth diapers rolled up and then tied together with a ribbon and added a flower and lolly-pop.  The parents-to-be took those home as gifts as they will be needing those for burp towels and such.'s hard to see them, but here is what they looked like before I added the flowers and lolly-pop to them at the site....

The floral arrangements were mason jars wrapped with a bandanna that was in shower colors and tied with a ribbon at the top and then silk flowers were added.  Floral arranging is not my eldest daughter makes the most beautiful arrangements, but she's in Texas so, I was on my own with this. LOL  They weren't bad considering these were my very first arrangements. :-)

The plastic silver ware was wrapped up nice and neat and tie with a ribbon to just add that extra touch to the entire table decor, I found the paper place mats in coordinating colors at a local Cake Supply store.....they really have everything you could want for a party.  If you're ever in Orlando and you need things to decorate with or supplies to bake stuff with.....this is the place to go!

I will go into the diaper cakes I made and better pictures of the goodies with some step by step photos another day.  In my opinion the shower was a great success.....everyone was smiling and laughing and I even played games that had the men involved.  Several of the men told me later that they'd never attended a shower before but they had a really great me, that was one of the highest compliments I could have gotten.

Vanessa and Wil could not stop thanking me and they said it was the best shower they'd ever seen, so....mission accomplished!  YAY!!!!

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