Saturday, October 8, 2011

Baby Shower Edibles

So, all the decorations came together and presented the "look" I was going for.  I have to confess now though that, I'm kind of over lime green and caribbean blue now.......for a while anyway.  I started the treats by making the cookies several weeks ahead of time, decorated them, pout them in their individual little bags and then placed them in freezer bags and froze them.  I took them out the day before the shower and they tasted like I'd just made them.  Here are some of the photos of those:

I made cake pops in three flavors, chocolate cake, white cake and butter cake.....made them into balls and froze them until I was ready to dip them and decorate.  Now, when the time came to take them out, I guess I didn't let them get to the right temp before coating them in chocolate because they cracked, a lot!  So I let them un-thaw more, which I guess I ended up letting them get too warm, because then the were falling off the stick.  I got very frustrated and decided to put them in the fridge and try the next evening.  Thank goodness I had started a few days ahead of schedule because that evenings efforts were wasted.  The next evening the dipping and decorating went much smoother and everything worked.  After I had finished the cake pops I just stored them in the fridge until party time.  Here are some of those photos:

These are before dipping:

and after:

I also made chocolate dipped pretzel rods and also chocolate dipped marshmellows.  I have to say, the marshmellows were REALLY sweet, would have been better dipped in a milk or bittersweet chocolate, but that didn't match my color scheme. LOL  Here they are:

ANd last but not least, I made cupcakes.  I made 9 dozen cupcakes the day before the shower and while the chocolate didn't really coordinate with the whole color scheme, they are a favorite and so of course, I had to bring those along too.

I also made some chocolate dipped oreos but they melted so badly before the shower even began that they got put in an ice chest to chill and were forgotten until clean up time.  The Mom-to-be was more than thrilled to have them all to herself for a treat later.

So, all in all, lots of work, but it all turned out really well.  I was pleased with the final results.

Let me know what ya'll think!  Have a great day!


  1. It all is too cute!!! Great job by the way:)

  2. FINALLY I'm able to post....thank you again!!!! We love you so much