Sunday, October 23, 2011

Victorian Splendor - Part 3

So, as the project continues, I have to tell myself, this doesn't need to be perfect....even real house have imperfections and it will be great once it's finished.  So, with the trauma of the round room over, and coincidentally, it's still standing, YAY, it was time to start decorating the walls, both outside and inside.  The outside walls will have 2 textures, the stone/brick walls and then the stone walls.  The stone/brick walls was accomplished by outlining the bricks first with an off white color of royal icing and then filled in with 3 different colors of stone/brick.  Our first thought was brick walls, but after the texture was done, we decided maybe they look more like stone.  You all can be the judge of that.  so here are the photos for those walls, the picture will show just two of the walls through the process.

The door and windows were all framed out with black fondant, but I failed to get pictures of that process but you will see some of them on the stone walls.  The stone walls were accomplished by painting the walls with brown royal icing and then sticking Cocoa Pebbles cereal to the walls while the were still some of the cereal fell off once they were dry, but most of it stuck and it looks pretty cool......putting the walls up without messing up the stone, should be fun. LOL

As you can see, both these rooms have windows and gelatin sheets were used for the windows.  I tried the crushed jolly rangers last year and eventually the windows started leaking so after some research, I found that gelatin sheets are perfect for windows.

I also painted the inside of one room thought was to make it look like wall paper as I was going to put a little design on it......I never could get the color even and after discussions with Rich, we decided, a tiny design would be hard to see through the windows anyway, but the yellow color should make for a nice glow in the room.  This is what they look like at this point.

So, that being done and the walls needing to dry and get really hard, I worked on fondant things for the inside.....I made a couch and side tables along with a rug for the floor and for a different room, a small side table with a book and candle with chair to sit beside it.  I also made a Christmas tree out of a sugar cone, coated with green royal icing and added mini M&M's as decorations.  I made a small fondant angel to go on top.  Then I made a small dog to go by the dog house that will sit in the yard.

I don't really have a dog named Spike, I have a cat.....his name is Spike, so I thought to include him in this whole process.  Yeah, he's a cat, he doesn't really care, but I couldn't come up with another dog name I liked. LOL

The final thing I did last weekend was work on the lace "gingerbead" work for the gables of the house.....Rich designed them and printed them out for me.  I taped them to boards, covered it in parchment paper and then traced the design.  I've never really done this before, but I've read about it in books, so in theory, I think I know what I'm doing.  I did 3, one being my test one.  I let it dry 2 days and then lifted it off the paper and it didn't break, so hopefully once it goes on the house, it'll be fine.  It will be one of the last details put on the house itself.

So, that's what was accomplished last weekend.  This week nothing really got done on the house since we had even more exciting things happening.  Vanessa had her baby, Xavier Armand Velasquez made his arrival on Monday evening, 10/17/11 at 8:53 pm.  He's so beautiful and perfect.  Congratulations again Vanessa and Wil!!

Until next time!! :-)

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  1. Thanks again for everything and you have truly outdone urself with this project. I know some days you want to run away screaming but all the effort you've made is truly breathtaking! Great job!