Saturday, October 29, 2011

Victorian Splendor - Part 4

Hi to all once again.  The walls started going up this week and while it seems like it's taking forever for it all to come together, after looking through the 54 photos I took this week as it progressed, it IS taking shape.  All the walls have gone up and the 2 of the 6 roof panels.  Now the roof panels have proved to be a challenge.  I'm not sure if the pieces are just so big or if it's because, living in Central Florida has a lot of humidity or a combination of both, but the roof panels sag a bit.  So that has been the biggest challenge of the week.  Let's start with the walls going up though.....

This is before the first wall went up:

Then a couple hours later......yes, it's more time consuming than one would think:

I used canned good to keep walls propped up while the icing dried.   A few more hours later, it's starting to resemble a house.

and here is a shot from the back.....

The floors were made made making black marks with a edible marker and then painted over it with brown icing......sort of looks like wood floors.....then we started adding the furniture and such.  The items did not end up in the rooms that they were originally intended for.  When making them I though everything looked so small but when they started going in the actual rooms, they were too big and so some rearranging took place.

Here's what it's looking like from the front:

This will be the inside wall that the round room looks into, and because of the previous trouble with the round room, it doesnt' have the depth that was originally intended and so it's really hard to see the details of the fireplace, so I took a picture, so I can remember it later. LOL

I tried to take a picture from the outside looking in through the windows.....this is really the only one that came out pretty well.

the one light that was installed didn't really turn out to be enough light, so some tiny little LED Christmas lights were put in to help illuminate the rooms a bit more.
The "mirror" was placed on the wall behind the Christmas tree as we realized you couldn't see the angel at all since she, and the wall, were both yellow.  I also added a Live, Laugh, Love plaque on the wall, since that's sort of my trademark....I have it in every room of my own home. LOL

I thought, to give you all an idea of the size of this house, I stacked my canned goods, that were helping to support the walls as they dried, up and the house is 4 canned goods high, 7 canned good long and 5 canned good wide.

I also worked on getting the fence posts and such painted......I'm thinking now, maybe I should have just left them the original gingerbread color.  LOL
Last night I worked on the banister for the roof of the round room and also the archway into the yard.  This weeks plan is to get the rest of the roof pieces on, and the yard decorated.  I have 10 days left to finish this the frustration with it, as well as the fun I've had is quickly coming to an end.

Until next time.....thanks for following my Victorian Gingerbread Project.  :-)

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