Sunday, October 30, 2011

Victorian Splendor - Part 5

So, it was a very busy weekend. The first order of business was to trim up the roof line.  Let me just state....Rich  now understands how there are many men doing gingerbread's because they get to use power tools!  Here he is with the dremel:

 The remaining roof pieces were then put on.  All the pieces first has to be primed with thinned royal icing because they were all sagging and a bit too pliable.  The icing seemed to have helped.  The chimney was painted and put in place and the shingles started going on up the roof.  The two largest roof panels are covered in "shingles" was more time consuming than we thought, trying to get them all lined up and such, and while we are happy with them, we both can see how we should have done and learn. LOL  Here is the house with the roof panels and as the shingles starting going on:

As I mentioned on part 4 of the blog, I did the banister piece for the top of the round it is :

I also did the archway for the it is when it was dry and then after I added some greenery to it:

It seems like not a lot was done on the house but there are things that are time consuming that can't be photographed, as in, the hours spent on making trees, covering marshmallows to resemble bushes, making a topiary, finishing painting all the fence pieces, and making 2 more batches of royal icing.  It is amazing how many hours just fly by!! LOL

Here are the bushes and trees :

so basically, here is where we are at....with a week left to complete everything :

I think at this point, the next blog will be the final one......and while this has been fun and I have learned a great deal, I'm ready for it to be finished......although, knowing myself as I do, even when done, I'll think of all the things I should have included but didn't. LOL

Enjoy, until next time!!

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  1. just like you to think of things after the fact but so proud of you nonetheless! I hope we can come by to see it before you have to submit it....if not we'll settle for pictures :-)

    again so proud of you!